My Teaching

Teaching and learning are central to my practice as an anthropologist. I view the two as mutually reinforcing elements and important to the discipline of anthropology as a whole. I am actively engaged in helping center and further teaching and learning within the discipline of anthropology. I am the former Chair of the Teaching Anthropology Interest Group (2016-2018) of the General Anthropology Division of the American Anthropological Association. I serve currently as the Online Content Editor for the Teaching and Learning Anthropology Journal and was part of the team that launched the journal.

I view accessibility of learning materials as an important piece of the equity and inclusion puzzle in higher education. As such, I have been involved in a few recent open access textbook projects both as an author and editor. I summarized some of my thoughts on the importance of open-access and low cost learning materials in a recent article I published for the Anthropology News Journal.

Inver Hills Community College

Anthropology Faculty, Full-Time Unlimited (Tenured)


  • Introduction to Anthropology | ANTH 1100 [Quality Matters Certificate of Course Recognition 2014]
  • Cultural Anthropology | ANTH 1110
  • Medical Anthropology | ANTH 2130 [Quality Matters Certificate of Course Recognition 2015]
  • Introduction to American Culture | ANTH 1101
  • Introduction to Biological Anthropology | ANTH 1130
  • Introduction to Biological Anthropology Lab | ANTH 1131
  • Introduction to Archaeology | ANTH 1120
  • Migrants and Refugees | ANTH 2140

Minnesota State University, Saint Cloud


Visiting Instructor, Department of Anthropology, Sociology, Career Exploration

  • Taught two undergraduate courses averaging 25 students per course
  • Developed and designed curriculum, learning materials and assessments

Course Taught

ANTH Introductory Cultural Anthropology

Riverland Community College

Adjunct Anthropology and Sociology Instructor


  • Introduction to Anthropology | ANTH 2220 [Quality Matters Certificate of Course Recognition 2012]
  • Cultural Anthropology | ANTH 2240 [Quality Matters Certificate of Course Recognition 2013]
  • Medical Anthropology |2230 [designed course]
  • Student Success Strategies | CARE 1300
  • College Success Strategies | CARE 1100
  • Cultural Diversity | SOCI 2125
  • Criminology | SOCI 2130

Tutoring Specialist | 2009-2010

  • Saint Olaf College, Northfield, MN

Graduate Teaching Assistant – University of California, Santa Barbara

  • Globalization | ANTH 197 | Spring, 2006
  • Intro to Chicano Studies 1A: Historical Foundations |CHST 1A| Fall, 2006
  • Central Americans in the US | CHST 141 | Winter, 2006
  • Intro to Chicano Studies 1C: Culture Theory |CHST 1C|Spring, 2005
  • Barrio Popular Culture | CHST 138 | Winter, 2004
  • Introduction to Chicano Studies 1B: Women and Gender Perspectives | CHST 1B |Fall, 2003

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

  • Contemporary Brazilian Literature | Spring, 2002 [Department of Spanish and Portuguese, Macalester College]